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SAS / SATA Protocol Suite
Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
This release does NOT support older STX-based or the Sierra M244/T244 analyzers. For STX-based analyzers, please install the respective STX SAS or STX SATA Protocol Suite application.

6.10 445 MB  Download

ST Automated Test Suite
Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

1.91 27.8 MB  Download

STX SATA Protocol Suite
Windows XP/Win7/Server Application

This version supports ONLY the older STX-based analyzers, and does NOT support the new line of Sierra M6-1, M6-2 and M6-4 analyzers. To use these analyzers, please install the respective SAS or SATA Protocol Suite application.

4.20 193 MB  Download

SATA InFusion Software
Windows 2000/XP Application

2.01 11.2 MB  Download

The SATA InFusion error injector system includes software that allows you to pre-program the InFusion system to modify or impair SATA 1.5G or 3G traffic, or work in conjunction with one of LeCroy's SAS Protocol Analyzers or Exercisers.

Catalyst DLL Relocation Error Fix
STX SAS/STX SATA applications Windows XP SP2

1.0 2.39 MB  Download