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GRL-USB-PD software provides a simple and efficient way to perform USB-PD electrical parametric and protocol measurements. GRL-USB-PD provides waveform visibility and protocol analysis making it ideal for design and debug of USB Type-C Power Delivery silicon and end products.

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Key Features
  • Performs Compliance Tests for any USB Power Delivery or Type-C design
  • Tests USB Power Delivery BiPhase Mark Codes (BMC) Physical Layer (PHY), Protocol (PROT), and Power Provider/Consumer (POW) Compliance
  • Supports USB Power Delivery Protocol, Compliance, Decode, and Debug along with Electrical Measurements
  • Validates Alt Modes' Entry/Exits over USB Type-C.
  • Runs on Teledyne LeCroy Windows-based Oscilloscopes
Fully-Automated Compliance Test Process

GRL-USB-PD software automates USB-PD Compliance Testing using GRL's Automation Framework. Compliance testing is streamlined by importing device capabilities from a user-created 'Vendor File'. Device Capabilities are then validated against the device's USB-PD Vendor Defined Message (VDM). The test plan is automatically created and executed, based on device capabilities. After testing is complete, the report is created in multiple file formats for further data analysis. Reports can be shared in industry or engineering group databases.

USB-PD ‘eMarker’ Cable Testing

The USB Type-C and USB-PD Specifications require all Fully Featured Cables and Adapters to have an eMarker Chip. Cable eMarker Compliance testing must be done at the component level and for end products. To perform Cable eMarker testing, simply plug one end of the Cable into Port A on the GRL-USB-PD-C1 Controller, and run the tests in the GRLUSB-PD software. The IR drop of a Cable can also be tested by applying a load current and measuring the Vbus drop between Port A and Port B.

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