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Teledyne LeCroy Announces New SierraNet Suite Release for Ethernet and Fibre Channel Protocol Analysis

Key New Features Include Exchange View, Real Time Statistics, and Trace Expert Analysis

Santa Clara, CA July 24, 2015 – Teledyne LeCroy, the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Net Protocol Suite version 1.80 for the SierraNet™ and SierraFC™ family of Ethernet and Fibre Channel protocol analysis and traffic modification and impairment tools. The SierraNet and SierraFC family of protocol analysis test tools are the defining platforms for pin-point determination of events and issues affecting high-speed storage and fabric interconnections, during the design and validation phase as well as in the datacenter.

The version 1.80 release of the Net Protocol Suite provides users an extensive list of enhancements for data manipulation, traffic and data decoding, and reporting tools. This release includes the addition of Exchange View for SCSI traffic – a reordering of the sequential traffic flows into logical exchange transactions between initiator and target pairs. This function is exceptionally helpful when characterizing turnaround and latency timing of SCSI transactions.

User programmable Real Time Statistics (RTS), and extensive Traffic Logging have been introduced with this release as well. RTS provides 5 graphical windows for display of user selected fabric traffic, errors, or other trackable statistics. Configuration of the RTS leverages the extensive triggering/filtering menus and offers the user the greatest possible configuration options.

The Net Protocol Suite also includes the latest in Teledyne LeCroy reporting tools; Trace Expert™ Analysis. Trace Expert Analysis leverages the extensive traffic summary profiling and prepares a report viewable in the users' browser. Teledyne LeCroy is standardizing reporting across all Protocol Suite offerings giving users a consistent look and feel for all traffic types and conditions transiting the bus under test.offers this feature and increased deep packet inspection search and filtering depth for interesting anomalies.

Additional features added to this release include:

  • 10GBASE-KR Capture and Decoding for copper and ISL connections
  • Increased InFusion™ port configurations for 10GE and 16Gb FC traffic jamming without re-cabling the analyzer
  • Re-Upload of captured traces, especially useful when managing multi-segment captures
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