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Teledyne LeCroy Introduces SAS 4.0 Analyzer / Jammer Platform

Santa Clara, CA July 11, 2017 - Teledyne LeCroy, a worldwide leader in serial data test solutions, has released a new Serial Attached SCSI 4.0 (SAS) Protocol Analyzer platform with a fully integrated Jammer capability for testing and verifying 24Gb/s SAS controllers, devices and systems. Building on the capabilities of the industry's first SAS/SATA error injection system, the InFusion™ option can programmatically alter or corrupt traffic allowing early-adopters to create sophisticated test cases for verifying next-generation SAS 4.0 protocol.

The Sierra M244 operating as an analyzer can record “4-wide” links with full support for 3Gb/s, 6Gb/s, 12Gb/s and 24Gb/s SAS links as well as 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s SATA. When licensed with the InFusion Jammer option, the M244 provides a real-time error injector that can corrupt traffic on 1, 2, or 4 ports. The system can simultaneously record traffic over the same physical link selected for error injection. By default, the analyzer will use two channels to monitor before and after the error (A-J-A mode).

“24G SAS4 infrastructure will accelerate a wide range of both performance-optimized SAS3/SAS4 SSD applications and cost per gigabyte of capacity-optimized HDD storage applications,” said Pete Hazen, Vice President and GM of Microsemi’s Scalable Storage Business Unit. “SAS and SATA HDDs and SSDs are forecast by market research firm IDC to represent greater than 80 percent of all enterprise drives shipped on an annual basis through at least the end of the decade and as a result our partners are demanding continual innovation in SAS infrastructure. Microsemi engineering teams utilize Jammer-based test tools to deliver the highest performing storage solutions and we welcome the introduction of the Sierra M244 analyzer jammer platform as a notable development for the SAS 4.0 ecosystem.”

“Serial Attached SCSI 4.0 is intended to leverage SAS’s critical role in the data center with higher throughput and new data integrity features which all need to be thoroughly tested before deployment”, said Joe Mendolia, vice-president of marketing at Teledyne LeCroy’s Protocol Solutions Group. “The Sierra M244 with the integrated Jammer is the ideal tool for stress testing systems while running real traffic. The M244 is tailor-made for storage OEMs targeting reliable, resilient and manageable enterprise class storage solutions using SAS 4.0 technology”

“Our early work with the Sierra M244 proves the InFusion system goes far beyond simple error injection and provides an almost unlimited ability to intercept frames and primitives and change, delete or modify their contents”, said Nick Kriczky, Managing Director at Austin Labs. “The system has the flexibility to change individual frames while preserving the outbound frame structure, including recalculating the FEC and CRC. The response transmitted from the device-under-test will pass through the Sierra system without modification, allowing true end-to-end system testing.”

In analyzer mode, a full complement of hardware-based triggering tools are available to pinpoint protocol traffic of interest. Common protocol errors are flagged automatically including forward error correction (FEC) errors and incomplete commands. Also available in this release the Link Tracker DWORD based display which shows every SPL segment across all four physical links in a separate column allowing easy lane-to-lane timing measurements. The Sierra M244 platform is available with full SAS 4.0 support. Configurations are also available with SAS 3.0 (12 Gb/s) support that are upgradeable to 24Gb/s in the future.

Teledyne LeCroy's protocol analyzers have been at the forefront of SAS development since 2004. The Sierra M244 analyzer features both sequential and hierarchical displays, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, and raw views of the 150-bit SPL packet structures allowing developers to troubleshoot low-level problems and deliver the high quality SAS 4.0 solutions.


The Sierra M244 is scheduled for shipment in July 2017. For additional information, Engineers and technicians who would like to learn more can contact their regional Sales Engineer: 1-800-909-7211 or 408-653-1262; or protocolsales@teledynelecroy.com; or visit the Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyzer web page and select Serial Attached SCSI.

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