Teledyne LeCroy Power Electronic Probes


HVD: High Voltage Differential Probes

The HVD3000A series high voltage differential probes provide high CMRR over a broad frequency range to simplify the measurement challenges found in noisy, high common-mode power electronics environments. The probe’s design is easy-to-use and enables safe, precise high voltage floating measurements.


Superior Performance

  • 1 kV, 2 kV, 6 kV CAT safety rated models
  • Widest differential voltage ranges available – up to 7.6 kV
  • ProBus interface and wide oscilloscope compatibility

Exceptional CMRR and Bandwidth

  • 65 dB CMRR at 1 MHz - 50x better than competitive probes
  • Up to 400 MHz bandwidth
  • Best signal fidelity - lowest noise and overshoot

Highest Precision

  • Best gain accuracy – 1%
  • Autozero with auto disconnect switch
  • High offset capability at both high and low attenuation

DL-ISO: High Voltage Optically Isolated Probes

The DL-ISO enables highest confidence in GaN and SiC device characterization with highest accuracy, best signal fidelity, and comprehensive connectivity.


Highest accuracy

  • 1.5% system accuracy
  • Precision Gain Calibration
  • High 160 dB CMRR

Best Signal Fidelity

  • Most faithful representation of the signal
  • Low probe loading and minimal overshoot
  • 435 ps rise time

Comprehensive Connectivity

  • MMCX for high bandwidth convenience
  • Square headers for 2.5 kV performance
  • EMI/RF immune

HVFO: High Voltage Fiber Optically-isolated Probes

The new HVFO108, with 150 MHz of bandwidth, is suitable for both Silicon and Silicon Carbide designs. It is designed to measure small signals floating on an HV bus and delivers excellent performance, has high CMRR, and provides optical isolation to reduce DUT loading.


Optical Isolation for Silicon MOSFETs

  • 150 MHz bandwidth
  • 35 kV common-mode voltage rating
  • Optical isolation for reduced loading of DUT

Superior Noise Rejection

  • 140 dB CMRR
  • Low loop inductance
  • Low attenuation

Simple, Compact, Affordable

  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Fits into tight budgets
  • No compromise on performance

DL-HCM: 60 V Common Mode Differential Probes

The 60 V Common Mode Differential Probes are the ideal probes for lower voltage GaN power conversion measurement with the highest accuracy, best CMRR, and lowest noise.


Ideal for 48 V GaN

  • 500 MHz and 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 80 V dynamic range
  • 60 V common mode

Highest accuracy, Lowest Noise, Highest Rejection

  • 0.5% gain accuracy
  • Precision Gain Calibration
  • Best LF flatness (0.1 dB)
  • Exceptional CMRR out to high frequencies

Wide variety of tips

  • Wide variety of tips standard
  • ProBus active probe interface
  • Optional high temperature solder-in tip available

Current Probes

Teledyne LeCroy current probes do not require the breaking of a circuit or the insertion of a shunt to make accurate and reliable current measurements. Based on a combination of Hall effect and transformer technology, Teledyne LeCroy current probes are ideal for making accurate AC, DC, and impulse current measurements .


A current probe for every need

  • 30 to 500 A continuous current
  • Up to 100 MHz bandwidth
  • Powered from the oscilloscope, no external power supply required

Best performance

  • High sensitivity of 1 mA/div for low-current measurements
  • No breaking of circuit or insertion of shunt to make measurement
  • Autozero and degauss capabilities built into oscilloscope

Using a current sensor?

  • CA10 enables 3rd party probe to operate like Teledyne LeCroy probe
  • Programmable EEPROM saves 3rd party current sensor parameters
  • Easy to use, saves time and possible errors

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