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Thunderbolt Test Solutions

The ultimate in performance: Four channel performance at 20 GHz is pristine with exceptional rise time, overshoot, total and random jitter noise floor, and electrical noise performance.

Explore Thunderbolt Test Solutions Explore Thunderbolt Test Solutions
Mercury T2C / T2P   The pocket-sized Mercury T2C & T2P capture and decode the widest range of USB 2.0 device classes plus Type-C link states and Power Delivery 3.0 messages. Both the Mercury T2C and T2P utilize the industry leading CATC Trace analysis software for verifying and debugging USB and PD protocol issues. Now there are two base models to choose from; the original Mercury T2C and the new Mercury T2P, which adds the Power Tracker graphical view of VBUS and CC voltages.
Key Features
  • Exceptional 20Ghz, 25Ghz or 30Ghz signal integrity performance
  • Labmaster oscilloscopes provide up to 20 channels or up to 45Ghz bandwidth
  • Superior serial data analysis with SDA II software
  • Eye Doctor(TM) II Advanced Signal Integrity Tools
  • SPARQ(TM) provides up to 12-port S-paramater measurement with one button push
  • Industry's first and only Protocol Aware BER test system
  • Capability of cross-interaction and single control of all test equipments
  • Upgradeable and expandable solutions
Thunderbolt® Technology

Thunderbolt is the I/O technology developed by Intel® and runs at 10 Gb/s. Formerly called Light Peak® it is first brought to market by Apple on its latest Macbook Pro®. It is a bidrectional electrical link with packetized traffic containing PCI Express and DisplayPort protocols. With the high available bandwidth, Thunderbolt® opens up new avenues for development of high speed peripherals using a common interface.

Teledyne LeCroy's Leadership in Thunderbolt

Teledyne LeCroy's SDA 825Zi-A with 2-channels of 25 GHz real time bandwidth is ideally suited to capture the fifth harmonic of the 10 Gb/s data rates of Thunderbolt. The SDA 825Zi-A can also be used as four channel oscilloscope with 20 GHz real time bandwidth to test the multi lane architecture of Thunderbolt. Optionally, Teledyne LeCroy also has a 20-channel/20 GHz or 10-channel/30Ghz LabMaster which liberates the test engineer from the channel limits imposed by traditional two or four channel oscilloscopes.