Signal Integrity Studio
Signal Integrity Studio

Signal Integrity Studio is a stand-alone software package that performs eye diagramming and jitter analysis on simulated or saved signals using the S-parameters of a user's DUT. "SI Studio" is an extension of the Teledyne LeCroy SPARQ software application, and provides Teledyne LeCroy's powerful and easy-to-use Eye Doctor II and SDA II capabilities at a very affordable price.

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Rapidly Form Eye Diagrams

Display and measure the eye diagram resulting from emulating/de-embedding a DUT using its S-parameters in the presence of emphasis and equalization.

Analyze Jitter in Time and Frequency Domains

Perform complete Tj / Rj / Dj jitter breakdown and view jitter distributions, spectra and trends in order to gain deep insight into jitter characteristics.

Use Modeled or Measured S-parameters

Choose to de-embed or emulate channels using S-parameters from the Teledyne LeCroy SPARQ or other instruments or S-parameter modeling software.

Simulate Serial Data Patterns or Use Saved Waveforms

Configure a simulated serial data pattern that matches the characteristics of your transmitter, or import a stored waveform from your oscilloscope.

For adding SI Studio to your Teledyne LeCroy SPARQ, see SI Studio for Teledyne LeCroy SPARQ

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Signal Integrity Studio

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