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The Application Notes section of the Teledyne LeCroy Technical Library lets you search for, browse, and print the latest technical documentation. A search aid allows you to filter documents by category or keyword.

Application Notes on this site are available in PDF format for easy download.

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Reproducing one-shot events with an arbitrary waveform generator technical brief

The detailed simulation of unrepeatable physical events is a frequent need. The combination of an oscilloscope and an arbitrary waveform generator is often a winning combination. This brief summary illustrates how and why.

SierraNet M648 Calibration and Tuning Tech Brief

Procedure for tuning the QSFP-DD Analyzer (APT) Ports

Function Generators vs. Waveform Generators? The Automotive Ethernet case

Signal generators are not born equal. This brief summary illustrates the two main architectures used in modern signal generators with an example of the characterization of Automotive Ethernet receivers.