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Making Tx EQ Measurements with Your Oscilloscope

PCI Express 6.0 has 11 new presets and requires a method for measuring best-fit Tx EQ. SDAIII software can be used to easily make pulse measurements of Tx EQ for PCIe 6.0 testing.

Making New PCIe 6.0 Compliance Pattern Measurements with Your Oscilloscope

PCI Express 6.0 requires measurements of SNDR, RLM and package insertion loss using a new Compliance Pattern signal. Here’s how to use Teledyne LeCroy’s SDAIII software to quickly make these measurements.

How PAM4 Signaling is Changing PCIe 6.0 Jitter Measurements

PCI Express 6.0 adds multilevel PAM4 signal measurements and tighter tolerances to PCIe electrical test requirements. Here is a summary of what will be necessary to get your PCIe 6.0 designs up to speed.

Quick Fixes for DDR Probing

This application note provides tips for making measurements on DRR memory boards and DIMMs and provides examples of relieving strain on probe tips and securing probe connections. It also discusses the use of interposers and probe grounding strategies.

What is 10Base-T1S Automotive Ethernet?

This technical brief describes the topology, signaling and PLCA operations related to the implementation of the 10Base-T1S Automotive Ethernet protocol.

Testing 10Base-T1S PLCA Timing and Signal Integrity

This application note explains how to use the 10Base-T1S TDME software option to measure Physical Layer Collision Avoidance (PLCA) cycle timing. It also discusses using the included eye diagram capabilities to debug signal integrity problems.

How to Choose the Best High Voltage Oscilloscope Probe in 5 Minutes

Need to select a high-voltage oscilloscope probe? Confused by all the possible choices? Teledyne LeCroy offers the High-voltage Probe Selection Guide, an online tool to help you make an informed decision. Here's a breakdown of the basic points to consider.