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The Application Notes section of the Teledyne LeCroy Technical Library lets you search for, browse, and print the latest technical documentation. A search aid allows you to filter documents by category or keyword.

Application Notes on this site are available in PDF format for easy download.

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Custom Eye Masks for Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes

With the installation of the SDM or SDAIII software, Teledyne LeCroy SDA, WaveMaster and LabMaster series oscilloscopes become powerful tools for measuring and analyzing serial communications systems. The Masks Database Editor is a tool for quickly creating and loading custom, bilevel eye diagram masks for use with these applications.

SierraNet M168, T328, M328 Technical Brief

The Teledyne LeCroy PSG SAN SierraNet Ethernet and Fibre Channel analyzer platforms have been tested to support capture and analysis of BASE-T Ethernet data when using a qualified media converter.

Fundamentals of 100Base-T1 Ethernet

This application note describes the topology and frame structure of the 100Base-T1 Automotive Ethernet protocol.