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Custom Eye Masks for Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes

With the installation of the SDM or SDAIII software, Teledyne LeCroy SDA, WaveMaster and LabMaster series oscilloscopes become powerful tools for measuring and analyzing serial communications systems. The Masks Database Editor is a tool for quickly creating and loading custom, bilevel eye diagram masks for use with these applications.

Documenting Lab Results with WaveSurfer 4000HD Oscilloscopes

Different utilities built into WaveSurfer 4000HD allow you to capture and share waveform and measurement data to document your lab results. Our signature LabNotebook is an all-in-one solution that lets you capture, annotate and share setup and waveform data, then quickly restore it to the display of other Teledyne LeCroy MAUI oscilloscopes for further analysis.

Decoding Serial Buses with WaveSurfer Oscilloscopes

Complex embedded-control systems rely on serial buses to collect data from a multitude of sensors. WaveSurfer 3000z and WaveSurfer 4000HD oscilloscopes support serial trigger and decode for protocols commonly used in embedded systems design, helping you quickly find and fix problems on the bus.

Volt-second Sensing Control Analysis in a DB-DTFC with the Motor Drive Analyzer

Deadbeat-direct torque and flux control (DB-DTFC) is being explored as an alternative to field-oriented controls (FOC) or direct torque control (DTC) due to its ability to achieve fast torque dynamics, manipulate losses without compromising torque, and utilize full DC bus voltage at voltage-limited operation. Evaluating the Volt-second sensing accuracy requires a precise measurement of Volt-seconds as the reference. Teledyne LeCroy's Motor Drive Analyzer provides such capabilities over each power-semiconductor switching period.

Examining a Vehicular Propulsion Motor with the Teledyne LeCroy Motor Drive Analyzer

One road to thorough characterization and analysis of a vehicular propulsion motor and its associated drive circuitry involves use of analog torque load cells and analog tachometers to assess drive output to motor-shaft mechanical output efficiency. Whereas traditional power analyzers provide only a static mean measurement capability, Teledyne LeCroy’s Motor Drive Analyzer provides static and dynamic power analysis coupled with long acquisition times for comprehensive analysis of the motor/drive’s performance and efficiency.

Using CAN Digital Data for Speed Calculation in the Teledyne LeCroy Motor Drive Analyzer

The Controlled Area Network (CAN) serial data protocol communicates information over a serial bus in automotive and industrial applications. For motor applications, CAN data may contain digitally encoded electric motor shaft speed. The MDA extracts this encoded data, converts it to an analog value, rescales it, and then uses it in the MDA as a source for motor shaft speed.