WaveRunner 9000

WaveRunner 9000 oscilloscopes have the industry's widest and deepest collection of tools, making it unbelievably powerful and MAUI with OneTouch makes measurement setup insanely easy, providing faster time to insight.

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WaveRunner 9000 Oscilloscope
MAUI with OneTouch

MAUI with OneTouch optimizes convenience and efficiency by enabling all common operations with a single touch of the display. Dramatically reduce setup time with revolutionary drag and drop actions to copy and setup channels, math functions, and measurement parameters without lifting a finger.

Deep Toolbox

The standard collection of math, measurement, debug, and documentation tools provides unsurpassed analysis capabilities. Application-specific packages enable streamlined debugging for common design/validation scenarios.


Faster Time-to-Insight

Insight alone is not enough. Markets and technologies change too rapidly. The timing of critical design decisions is significant. Time to insight is what matters.




Unbelievably Powerful

WaveRunner 9000 oscilloscopes have the greatest breadth and depth of tools, ensuring quick resolution of the most complicated debug tasks. Our Periodic Table of Oscilloscope Tools provides a framework to understand the toolsets that Teledyne LeCroy has created and deployed in our oscilloscopes

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Insanely Easy

MAUI with OneTouch delivers a unique set of touchscreen gestures that simplifies measurement setup and brings unsurpassed efficiency and intuitiveness to oscilloscope operation. Common gestures such as drag, drop, pinch, and flick facilitate instinctive interaction with the oscilloscope.

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Serial Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, and Eye Diagrams

Isolate events using the serial bus trigger and view color-coded protocol information on top of analog or digital waveforms. Timing and bus measurements allow quick and easy characterization of a serial data system. Serial (digital) data can be extracted and graphed to monitor system performance over time. Identify physical layer anomalies with eye diagram mask testing and mask failure locator.


Designed by people who know the standards, with the unique capabilities you want to isolate unusual events. Conditional data triggering permits maximum flexibility, and highly adaptable error frame triggering is available to isolate error conditions. Frame definition groups UART or SPI packets into message frames for customization. Sequence Mode ignores idle time and acquires only data of interest.




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Decoded protocol information is color-coded to specific portions of the serial data waveform and transparently overlaid for an intuitive, easy-to-understand visual record. All decoded protocols are displayed in a single time-interleaved table. Touch a row in the interactive table to quickly zoom to a packet of interest and easily search through long records for specific protocol events using the built-in search feature.



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Quickly validate cause and effect with automated timing measurements to or from an analog signal or another serial message. Make multiple measurements in a single long acquisition to quickly acquire statistics during corner-case testing. Serial (digital) data can be extracted to an analog value and graphed to monitor system performance over time, as if it was probed directly. Complete validation faster and gain better insight.


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Eye Diagram

Rapidly display an eye diagram of your packetized low-speed serial data signal without additional setup time. Use eye parameters to quantify system performance and apply a standard or custom mask to identify anomalies. Mask failures can be indicated and can force the scope into Stop mode.


SDAIII or DDR Debug (optional) create eye diagrams of streaming NRZ serial data or DDR signals, and measure and analyze jitter breakdown.


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