WaveSurfer 4000HD Oscilloscope

WaveSurfer 4000HD

Unrivaled Performance. Unbeatable Value.

4 channels, 1 GHz, 25 Mpts

12 bits all the time

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wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope hd4096
Highest Resolution

HD4096 technology enables 12 bits of vertical resolution with 1 GHz bandwidth

  • ▪ Clean, Crisp Waveforms
  • ▪ More Signal Details
  • ▪ Unmatched Measurement Precision
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wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope suite
More Capability

A suite of options for power, serial bus and embedded systems debug

  • ▪ Multi-instrument options
  • ▪ Serial trigger & decode software
  • ▪ Spectrum & power analysis software
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wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope probe support
Comprehensive Probe Support

Over 30 probes in 9 categories

  • ▪ Active power rail probes
  • ▪ Current probes
  • ▪ High-voltage differential and fiber optic probes
  • ▪ TekProbe adapters
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Today’s highly complex power-conversion systems and embedded control systems are becoming smaller and denser, with more sensor inputs and lower-voltage power rails than ever.
WaveSurfer 4000HD’s combination of 12-bit resolution at 1 GHz bandwidth and a competitive software toolset makes it ideal for these key applications.
wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope clock analysis
wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope power rail analysis
wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope protocol analysis
wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope power analysis
WaveSurfer 4000HD Oscilloscope
  • HD4096 technology provides 12-bit resolution all the time
  • ProBus input supports over 30 probes in 9 product categories
  • Long record capture of up to 25 Mpts
  • 12.1” 1280 x 800 HD capacitive touchscreen
  • Mixed-signal capability – debug complex embedded designs with integrated 16-channel mixed signal option
  • Easy connectivity with 2 USB 3.1 ports
  • MAUI with OneTouch user interface for intuitive and efficient operation

Clock Analysis

Use the standard toolset of WaveSurfer 4000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes for good insight into the quality of a clock signal.

wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope clock analysis
Built-in Anomaly Detection

Use built-in WaveScan or conditional Smart triggers to find anomalous clock edges.

Statistical View of Data

Capture long records to build statistics faster. All-instance measurements provide statistics for every clock edge for any acquisition length.

Graphical View of Data

Draw a Trend of measurement values over time. Use Histicons (miniature histograms) to show statistical distributions.

Power Rail Analysis

WaveSurfer 4000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes are ideally suited to power rail analysis.

wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope power rail analysis
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Most Accurate Measurements

HD4096 12-bit resolution clearly shows small signal details in power rails. Make sensitive measurements like rail collapse characterization with total confidence thanks to WaveSurfer 4000HD’s 0.5% gain accuracy.

Find Noise Sources

View signals in the frequency domain using FFT (standard) or Spectrum Analyzer (optional) to determine the root cause of high noise events.

Native Probing

Built-in high offset capability permits native probing of power rails and other wide dynamic range signals.

Protocol Analysis

WaveSurfer 4000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes support serial trigger and decode for widely used embedded system protocols: CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, I2C, SPI and UART-RS232.

wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope protocol analysis
Intuitive Decoding

Color-coded overlays mark important protocol elements on the electrical signal. Digital decoding appears on overlay as well as in exportable result table.

Powerful Serial Triggering

Trigger on protocol elements or specific DATA patterns using powerful conditional DATA triggering. Highly adaptable ERROR frame triggering isolates protocol errors. Combine UART/SPI bytes into single “message frame” to trigger on proprietary protocols.

Time Synchronized Views

Interactive table shows simultaneous decoding of two protocols. Use Search and Zoom to correlate protocol events to other embedded signals.

Power Analysis

Add the Power Analysis software option to WaveSurfer 4000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes to measure and analyze the operating characteristics of power conversion circuits.

wavesurfer4000hd oscilloscope power analysis
Predefined Tests

Analyze device, control loop or line power using predefine tests for losses, safe operating area, B-H curve, etc.

Easy Test Setup

Quickly setup voltage and current inputs. The software uses color-coded overlays to identify turn-on and turn-off transitions.

Power Measurements

Automatically calculate switching device measurements, input/output power and input harmonics.