3-phase Electrical and
Mechanical Power Analysis

Identify 3-phase electrical and motor mechanical static and dynamic power behaviors. Built on 12-bit resolution HD4096 oscilloscope platforms (with up to 8 input channels) for power section and embedded control debug - complete test capability.


Motor Drive Analyzer

Power Analysis software


Technical Primer

MDA Oscilloscope
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Numeric table displaying mean voltage, current, power, etc. values for short time periods with constant load, speed and torque operating conditions - just like what a dedicated power analyzer instrument provides.


Long time period (seconds) captures with per-cycle Statistics, per-cycle (synthesized) Waveforms, and Zoom+Gate of waveforms and values to understanding drive and control behavior under changing load, speed, and torque operating conditions - unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Complete and comprehensive test coverage, including acquisition and display of analog, digital and serial embedded control system signals with correlation of control activity to analog power waveforms and calculated power values and Waveforms.

Motor Drive Analyzer Overview

MDA Three-Phase Electrical Power Graphical User Interface Overview


MDA Mechanical Power (Torque and Speed Interface) Graphical User Interface Overview


MDA Sync Signal for Per-Cycle Analysis – Operational and Setup Overview


MDA Numerics Table for Static Power Analysis


MDA Dynamic Power Analysis Overview