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DDR, CCIX, CXL and Gen-Z Electrical Test Solutions

  • Comprehensive DDR solutions and toolkits
  • JEDEC physical layer compliance
  • PCIe physical layer compliance and tools for CCIX, CXL and Gen-Z
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Protocol Layer Test Solutions

The leading provider of protocol analyzers, exercisers/emulators, jammers and verification/compliance tools.

  • Full PCIe specification support
  • Industry leader in PCIe protocol analysis
  • Full range of tools - excercisers, jammers, interposers, etc.
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Testing and Training

Teledyne LeCroy’s Austin Labs is a leading provider of independent testing and training services focused on server, storage, and networking interfaces, including PHY testing and protocols analysis.

  • Intermediate and advanced PCIe training classes - on site, onlocation, and virtual
  • Hardware and device testing services
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