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Active Voltage Rail Probe

The RP4030 is designed specifically to probe a 50Ω DC power/voltage rail. The probe has large built-in offset, low attenuation (noise), and high DC input impedance. Built-in offset and low attenuation permit the power/voltage rail to be offset in the oscilloscope by its mean DC voltage with high oscilloscope gain (sensitivity) to achieve a noise-free view of small signal variations. The high DC input impedance eliminates loading of the DC rail.

Explore Active Voltage Rail Probe Explore Active Voltage Rail Probe

   Active Voltage Rail Probe

RP4030 - Power/Voltage Rail Probe. 4 GHz bandwidth, 1.2x attenuation, +/-30V offset, +/-800mV Includes a complete set of solder-in leads, coaxial cables, and PCB mounts.
RP4000-BROWSER - RP4030 350 MHz Browser Tip accessory. Includes 0 Ohm (1x), 450 Ohm (10x) and 950 Ohm (20x) tips.
RP4000-MCX-LEAD-SI - Qty. 3 MCX 4 GHz solder-in lead accessories (additional to those supplied with RP4030), 18cm long
RP4000-MCX-PCBMOUNT - Qty. 10 MCX 6mm x 6mm PCB mounts (additional to those supplied with RP4030)
RP4030 Active Voltage Rail Probe

The Teledyne LeCroy RP4030 Power Rail Probe meets the specific requirements of those who need to acquire a low-voltage DC signal as part of a:

  • Comprehensive power integrity, digital power management IC (PMIC), voltage regulator module (VMR), point-of-load (POL) switching regulator, or low-dropout regulator testing
  • Complete embedded power management system that includes PMICs, VRMs, POLs, and LDOs

The RP4030 will faithfully acquire a low-impedance, low-voltage DC power/voltage rail signal without unduly loading the device under test (DUT), while providing high offset to allow DC power/voltage rail signal display on an oscilloscope with high gain.

Large Offset Range

+/-30V offset permits the DC signal to be displayed in the vertical center of the oscilloscope grid with a high-sensitivity gain setting (maximum +/-800mV dynamic range).

Low Attenuation and Noise

The probe attenuation is a nominal 1.2x coupled to the oscilloscope at DC 50 Ω. This keeps additive noise to a minimum, and makes it exceptionally useful with HDO oscilloscopes for lowest noise at highest sensitivity gain settings.

High DC Input Impedance

50 kΩ input impedance at DC effectively eliminates probe loading on the DC power/voltage rail and provides for more accurate measurements and signal fidelity.

4 GHz of Bandwidth

Provides maximum bandwidth for probing near the CPU, and the perfect match with the 4 GHz,12 bit WavePro 404HD when making power integrity measurements.

Wide Assortment of Tips and Leads

The RP4030 is supplied standard with solder-in and coaxial cables with MCX and U.FL PCB receptacle mounts. A browser tip is optionally available. Additional receptacles or leads may be purchased as accessories and left connected in circuit for easy connection of different signals during different tests or validation stages.

Optional Browser Tip

A 350 MHz browser tip is available as an accessory. This browser tip is a conventional transmission line probe with a "pass-through"" 0Ω resistor to achieve 50Ω tip impedance and 1x attenuation. When used with the RP4030, high DC input impedance is also achieved. The browser tip accessory is also provided with 450Ω and 950Ω resistors for use as a conventional 10x or 20x transmission line probe.