Teledyne LeCroy's USB and USB-C® complete physical layer (PHY) and PHY Layer Sub-Block (PHY-Logic) test solutions combine superior instruments with sophisticated software that provides:

  • The fastest, easiest Tx/Rx PHY Compliance
  • Unmatched PHY-logic and Sideband debug at the connector test
    points (TP2, TP3)
  • USB-IF and VESA approved test suites

Standards supported are USB4®, Thunderbolt™ 3/4, USB 3.0/3.2, DisplayPort™ 1.4/2.0, and USB Power Delivery, all over the USB Type-C Connector.

USB Type-C<sup>®</sup> Test Solutions
USB Type-C PHY and PHY-logic Solutions

USB4 and Thunderbolt 3/4 Electrical PHY Test Suite

  • Single Solution for Tx and Rx compliance testing
  • Fastest, more efficient testing
  • High accuracy and repeatability due to superior signal quality

USB 3.0/3.2, USB 2.0, and USB-C Sideband Debug

  • Full range of instruments for all data rates
  • USB-IF Approved compliance
  • Protocol trigger, decode, and measurements for system debug
  • USB-PD compliance and debug

DisplayPort over USB-C

USB4 and Thunderbolt 3/4
Electrical PHY Test Suite

Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi-A or SDA 8 Zi-B (25 GHz and above) with QPHY-USB4 software, used with an Anritsu SQA-R MP1900A BERT provides USB4 electrical validation and test engineers an integrated electrical test solution for automated compliance testing, ensuring faster time-to-market.

USB4 and Thunderbolt 3/4 Receiver Calibration Setup

Complete Compliance Test Specification (CTS) Coverage

Teledyne LeCroy’s high performance oscilloscopes and the SQA-R MP1900A with QPHY-USB4-TX-RX support the following 10-20Gb/s compliance test specifications:

  • USB4/TBT4 Router Assembly Transmitter & Receiver
  • USB4 Captive Device Transmitter & Receiver
  • Thunderbolt 3 Device Transmitter
  • USB4 Active Cable

Faster, more efficient testing

  • Test multiple transmitter lanes simultaneously with the LabMaster 10 Zi-A; or use the SDA 8Zi-B for lane-lane testing
  • Debug faster with SDAIII-CompleteLinQ software

Superior Stressed Signal Generation

QPHY-USB4-TX-RX fully automates receiver calibration and test with the Anritsu SQA-R MP1900A high-speed BERT solution:

  • Support for USB4/TBT4 and USB 3.0/3.2 testing
  • Jitter and noise generation
  • High quality waveform PPG with integrated 10-tap emphasis

View Anritsu USB4 Receiver Demo Video

Unmatched PHY-logic
and Sideband Debug

Link training and sideband negotiation failures account for many compliance and interoperability failures found on USB Type-C connected devices. These failures can be quickly identified as either physical or link layer issues by using Teledyne LeCroy's Physical Layer Logical Sub-Block and Sideband debug solutions that include:

  • Oscilloscope probing access to all signals at the USB Type-C connector (TP2 or TP3)
  • USB4 PHY-Logic and Active Re‑Timer measurements
  • USB4, USB 3.2, USB 2.0, Power Delivery, and Alt Mode analysis
USB4 PHY-logic debug with  M4X Exerciser/Analyzer and SDA 8-ZiB oscilloscope
USB Type-C USB4 high-speed and sideband debug/test coupon fixtures

Probe all Signals at the USB Type-C Connector

USB Type-C Test Coupons Fixtures provide probing access to all signals at connector test points (TP2 or TP3) without impacting the performance of the system under test.

View TF-USB-C Debug Video

USB4 Sideband Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, and Physical Layer (TDMP) and USB4 Decode, Measure/Graph, and Eye (DME) Software

USB4 PHY-Logic Layer and Re‑Timers

Quickly resolve USB4 PHY state machine and re‑timer link failures using USB4 Trigger, Decode, and other solutions.

  • Trigger on USB4 sideband messages using USB4-SB TDMP
  • Decode USB4 Tx/Rx signals and make PHY measurements using USB4 DME
  • Debug PHY-Logic Layer with Voyager Protocol Analyzer cross trigger and USB4 ProtoSync software
USB 3.2 and Power Delivery Debug using WavePro HD oscilloscope and Teledyne LeCroy USB Exerciser/Analyzer

Debug USB 3.2 and USB Power Delivery

Debug USB Type-C system interop issues using the full toolset.

View USB-C Sideband Video

View Vbus@PS_RDY Video

View DisplayPort Alt Mode Video

Read USB 3.2 PHY-Logic App Note

The Trusted Leader in USB 3.2
PHY Testing

Since becoming the first USB-IF "Gold Suite" in 2011, Teledyne LeCroy continues to be the trusted leader in all the latest USB Type-C technologies including USB 3.2 with:

  • "Gold Suite" PHY Tx/Rx compliance testing
  • The deepest USB 3.2 signal integrity toolbox
  • Unmatched PHY-logic and sideband debug
USB 3.2 PHY Compliance and Debug Solutions

"Gold Suite" Tx/Rx PHY Compliance Testing

Teledyne LeCroy’s high performance oscilloscopes with QPHY-USB3.2-TX-RX support transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) compliance tests.

  • LabMaster 10Zi-A or SDA 8Zi-B oscilloscopes automate compliance with QPHY-USB3.2-TX-RX
  • Accurate, protocol aware Rx testing with Anritsu MP1900A BERT
  • Support of both USB-IF and 3rd party fixtures and software tools

View USB 3.2 Tx Video

View USB 3.2 Rx Video

The Deepest Signal Integrity Toolbox

  • Select USB-IF 'SigTest' or 'LeCroy SDAIII' analysis methods
  • Debug electrical compliance issues faster with SDAIII-CompleteLinQ eye diagrams, jitter and noise analysis
  • Use WavePulser 40iX for receiver channel characterization and calibration

Unmatched PHY-Logic and Sideband Debug

View USB 3.2 PHY-Logic Debug Video

USB 2.0 Electrical PHY Test Suite

The USB 2.0 standard consists of Low Speed (LS – 1.5Mb/s), Full Speed (FS – 12Mb/s), and High Speed (HS – 480Mb/s) Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscope used with QPHY-USB software, active probes, and protocol layer tools provides a complete test solution for USB 2.0 electrical compliance testing and debug.

USB2 TDME (Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, Eye) and ProtoSync Software

Compliance Test

QPHY-USB test software implements a full set of electrical tests for USB 2.0, including High-, Full-, and Low-speed tests

  • Compliant with all real-time oscilloscope tests specified by the USB-IF procedures
  • Support for host, device, and hub testing
  • Simple and easy-to-use automated testing
  • Available TF-USB-B test fixture

Watch USB 2.0 Compliance Video

TDME and Protocol Layer Tools for Debug

USB 2.0 decode and Protosync software for debug:

Wide Range of Oscilloscopes

USB Type-C Power Delivery

Only Teledyne LeCroy supplies the full range of solutions for USB Power Delivery

  • Oscilloscope-based TDMP for USB‑PD and USB Type‑C 'Alt Mode' debug
  • Comprehensive USB Type‑C & PD Compliance Test platforms
  • Low-cost solutions for USB 2.0, PD, and 'Alt Mode' protocol analysis
USB-PD TDMP (Trigger, Decode, Measure/Graph, Physical Layer) Software

Oscilloscope TDMP for USB-PD Debug

  • Access CC1/CC2, VBUS, and ILoad using TF‑USB‑C‑SB debug coupon
  • Trigger – Trigger on PD preamble, ordered set, messages, and errors
  • Decode – Decode PD messages
  • Measure/Graph – electrical voltage, current, and timing measurements
  • Physical Layer – BMC Eye mask testing & measurements

View USB-C Sideband Video

View Vbus@PS_RDY Video

View DisplayPort Alt Mode Video

100% Coverage for USB‑PD and USB Type‑C Compliance

  • USB‑IF Approved for PD & Type‑C Compliance Testing
  • The only USB 3.2 Gen2 solution approved for USB-IF Link Layer Compliance testing
  • Integrated USB 3.1 / PD exerciser option for device and host traffic generation

Portable & Affordable Power Delivery analyzers

  • Analyze and debug PD / Type‑C messages & state changes
  • Industry's most comprehensive USB device class decoding
  • Power Tracker™ graphical display of VBUS power & current


USB4<sup>®</sup> Transmitter Testing
USB4<sup>®</sup> S-parameter Measurements
USB4<sup>®</sup> Receiver Testing

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