Capture Every Detail

  • 8 channels, 2 GHz, 5 Gpts
  • 12 bits all the time

Highest Resolution

HD4096 technology enables 12 bits of vertical resolution with 8 GHz bandwidth

  • Clean, Crisp Waveforms
  • More Signal Details
  • Unmatched Measurement Precision

Most Channels

The most channels of any oscilloscope, with no analog-digital tradeoffs

  • 8 analog channels
  • 16 integrated digital channels
  • Up to 16 analog channels with free OscilloSYNC™ technology

Longest Memory

Exceptionally long capture times at full sample rate and resolution

  • Up to 5 Gpts acquisition memory
  • Always 12 bits of resolution, no compromises
  • Intuitive navigation tools, find events of interest easily

Today’s highly complex power-conversion systems, automotive ECUs and embedded control systems are becoming smaller, denser and faster, with more signals, sensor inputs and lower-voltage power rails than ever. WaveRunner 8000HD’s combination of 12-bit resolution at 2 GHz bandwidth, 8 (or more) channels, very long capture times, and a complete software toolset makes it ideal for these key applications.

  • 1HD4096 technology provides 12-bit resolution all the time
  • 28 analog channels standard, up to 16 with OscilloSYNC™ technology
  • 3Up to 5 Gpts of acquisition memory enables detailed viewing of long events
  • 415.6” 1900 x 1080 Full HD capacitive touchscreen
  • 5Mixed-signal capability – debug complex embedded designs with integrated 16-channel mixed signal option
  • 6Easy connectivity with six USB 3.1 ports (2 front, 4 side), and UHD (4K) HDMI and DisplayPort outputs
  • 7MAUI with OneTouch user interface for intuitive and efficient operation


Setup is incredibly easy with just four simple steps:

  1. Connect Ref. In/Out terminals.
  2. Connect Aux Out terminals.
  3. Connect Ethernet ports.
  4. Enter IP Address and press Connect.

Acquire 16 channels on one display.



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Longest Memory, Simple Navigation

With up to 5 Gpts of acquisition memory, WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes capture long periods of time, yet maintain high sample rate for visibility into the smallest details.


Longest memory

WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscopes contain a sophisticated acquisition and memory management architecture that makes 5 Gpt acquisitions fast and responsive. More memory means more visibility into system behavior.

Simple navigation

Long memory and high sample rates capture both millisecond-scale trends and picosecond-scale glitches. WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscopes are equipped with an advanced user interface that makes it easy to find features, navigate directly using timebase scale and position knobs, or set up a zoom trace whichever you prefer. Apply analysis tools easily to any type of trace.

No compromise

WaveRunner 8000HD can acquire 500 ms of data at the full 10 GS/s sample rate and always with 12 bits of resolution. Oscilloscopes with less memory require trading sample rate for acquisition time.

3-phase Power Analysis

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes deliver 8 analog channels (16 with OscilloSYNC), 3-phase power analysis software, and high performance probes for inverter subsection, power system and control testing.


Static, dynamic, complete

Analyze short or long acquisitions. The mean value Numerics table summarizes static performance, while per-cycle Waveforms help you understand dynamic behaviors. Use Zoom+Gate to isolate and correlate power system behaviors to control system activity during time periods as short as a single device switching cycle.

Comprehensive probing

HVD series high voltage differential probes have 65 dB CMRR at 1 MHz with 1% gain accuracy, the widest voltage ranges, and up to 6 kV common-mode rating. Connect current probes or use your own transducers with the programmable CA10 current sensor adapter to create a customized “probe”. HVFO fiber-optic probes are ideal for gate drive probing.

Up to 16 analog channels

8 analog inputs at up to 2 GHz let you monitor an H-bridge’s four pairs of device output and gate drive input signals. Cascaded H-bridges may be easily monitored using 12 channels, with three additional channels for output voltage. WaveRunner 8000HD has enough channels for full 3-phase power section input/output and control section analysis.

Automotive Electronics Testing

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes combine a high channel count, long memory, and wide range of validation and debug software to best address the specific test needs of the automotive industry.


Best vehicle bus debug tools

Unique capabilities that build on our legacy serial data trigger and decode provide the most complete debug and validation of automotive buses. Cover all aspects of physical layer Automotive Ethernet testing with compliance test software and a dedicated Automotive Ethernet debug toolkit.

More channels for ECU debug

The flexibility of 8 12-bit analog channels and 16 digital channels makes WaveRunner 8000HD the best way to analyze the array of analog, digital and sensor signals in today’s complex ECUs. Easily capture system startup behavior and perform causal analysis with 5 Gpt of memory.

EMI/EMC pre-compliance test

12-bit resolution for spectral analysis provides more insight. Specialized EMC/EMI pulse parameters provide measurement flexibility. Support for all relevant electrical and magnetic field units of measure. Capability to measure sub-1 Hz magnetic field strengths.

Power Integrity and Power Sequencing Testing

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscope's high resolution, long memory and high channel count let you validate and debug all aspects of power supply, delivery and consumption for complete confidence.


Accurate PDN measurements

Make sensitive measurements like rail collapse characterization with complete confidence thanks to WaveRunner 8000HD's high dynamic range and 0.5% gain accuracy. Its HD4096 architecture means an exceptionally low noise floor for easily pinpointing noise sources.

Specialized power probes

Combine WaveRunner 8000HD with the RP4030 4 GHz Power Rail Probe for unsurpassed insight into PDN behavior. The variety of probe tips ensures easy connectivity, and its low loading characteristics minimize disruption to the device under test.

Power sequencing

8 analog channels with 12-bit resolution and high offset capability give full visibility into power sequencing behavior with 16 digital inputs available to decode and trigger on SPMI, SMbus, PMbus and other power management interfaces. Up to 5 Gpts of acquisition memory to capture every detail.

Deeply Embedded Computing Systems Testing

WaveRunner 8000HD 12-bit oscilloscopes acquire the longest records at the highest resolution for the most comprehensive deeply embedded computing system analysis (analog, digital, serial data and sensor).


Powerful, deep toolbox

More standard math, measure, pass/ fail and other tools than other oscilloscopes provide faster and more complete insight into circuit problems. Many additional application packages are optionally available to enhance understanding.

8 channels with long captures

8 channels with 12-bit resolution make the WaveRunner 8000HD the best performing oscilloscope for embedded systems testing, specifically those with sensor signals. 5 Gpts of memory captures every detail when performing causal analysis.

Comprehensive probe offering

A wide selection of low voltage, high voltage and current probes accurately measures every signal in your circuit. Additional probe adapters easily integrate third-party probes.

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